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About the project:
Imagine going to Disneyland without a wheelchair?

The Problem:
There is a stigma when kids are in a wheelchair. So they don’t get invited to parties. Insurance companies usually pay for wheelchair when children are 5 years old or older. So kids with mobility problems under 5, have no way of getting around. Disabled people often have no access to exercise except for their physical therapy sessions every week.

The Solution:
A toy car (cost around $100 at Toys’ R’ Us) looks like a toy car but it’s also a wheelchair for kids. It’s also a mobility device for kids under 5. This device takes away the social stigma of being in a wheelchair. This is a modified kid’s car to work as a mobility device. It also works also as rehab device. This also exercises body. The kid has to stand up to make it move. For example, kids with Down’s Syndrome often don’t start standing until they’re 24 months old. With this device, they might learn to stand earlier because they will want to make the car move. It lets kids socialize.