Miriam Kreisler

Benny Godlin

Yaniv Gershoni

chen zilbershtein
PROJECT: bionic/prosthetic hands

prosthetic : bionic-hand : electronic : activated : by : pressure : gearwheel : 3d : printing :

About the project:
Solutions for children and adults born without hand or following traumatic injury can get 3dprinted custom hand.

The Problem:
In Haifa3d we create e-nable hands for children/people that are don't have fingers but do have a palm. The current solution doesn't help when the angle in the wrist is too small or the palm stump is too short. Additionally the nylon wires tend tear during the time and the capacity to hold small objects is limited

The Solution:
#1: The team of 3d Haifa will create a bionic hand that will be powered by her pressing on a pressure sensor. #2 The team of 3d Haifa construct a first new gearwheel prosthetic hand ( never build in the world ) without wires . The thumb can move separately more than 90 degree to achieve improvement dexterity. #3 Combine #1 & #2 in order to create a light weight and cheaper solution We have two need knowers. solution part #1 is intend to help a girl that has a tiny palm and needs an alternative way to power the hand. solution part #2 will be provided to a boy that will be able to enjoy the improvements of the new model.