Nam Le Hoang

Nguyen H.D. Khoa

Huynh Cong Dat

Nguyen Huu Tho


Tung Dinh
PROJECT: HODA (High Obstacle Detecting Assistant)

arduino : ultrasonic : blind : helmet : wearable : headband :

About the project:
In TOM Makeathon Vietnam,

The Problem:
Nhi is a 17 year-old girl born in Dong Nai Province. Since she was born, she was given a grim fate when she couldn’t see anything. Everything around her is just in a monotonic black. Her family lives in difficulties. She was brought in Thien An Shelter in Tan Phu District. In the shelter, she can live, learn, and grow with other children in the same circumstances. She is living in love and care of teacher from the shelter. She is equipped with a device which helps her to detect objects from distance. However, Nhi’s dream is to have an equipment which can help her detect objects from long distance (2m) AND at sight height. This will help her a lot in living independently and integrating into society more easily.

The Solution: