Cuong, Le Kim

Khang Gia Hoàng Phạm

Tuan Anh Tran Phan

Dat Vu Van


Tran Tieu Tien


Tung, Nguyen

Kiet Trinh
PROJECT: Touch-up

glove : brass : frame : electronic : control : system : hands-supporter : 3d : printer :

About the project:
We have designed the project to help the disability people to easier move their hands, fingers, and It's worked as a therapy equipment

The Problem:
Our need-knower's fingers can not be used indipendently , or combined flexibly. Moreover, there are several therapies to support rehibilitating hands movement; however, with the reasonable price, product functions just help patient hand to hold, to spread, but not to control each fingers individually.

The Solution:
Disadvantages of current solutions is that the patient has to handle each finger themselve, which is difficult. Creators did not use motors and circuits to control, to lock or unlock the finger. Our resolution is using machine to support the patient. When he uses this product, it helps to fix all of his unnecessory fingers, and lets one another move independently.