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autism : software : application : PECS : communication :

About the project:
[WHAT] Develop a mobile application or a device that can help Phuong – a 16 years old autism boy at severe level to express [what he wants] [how he feels] >>> [OBJECTIVE] Help him to step by step interact and blend better into normal life like normal children as well as for his mother to understand him better

The Problem:
[1] Cannot verbally express well his own daily needs in details| thoughts and emotions. Can only hardly communicate very basic daily needs of eat | drink | personal care but not more complicated; count from 1 to 10; recognize very simple shapes and visuals better than sound >>>[2] Can be trained to communicate shortly, repeatedly with support then with less support >>>[3] Like playing games on ipad | eat & drink | ride bicycle >>>[4] Cannot recognize his mother’s voice via phone or mp3 sound tracks but can recognize some PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) visuals by repeat frequency >>>[5] There are several applications already developed for autism children in many countries. However, they are all in foreigner language so his mother could not use it (there is not application in Vietnamese for Vietnamese children) >>>[6] Can use tablet within a period of about 30 minutes per time

The Solution:
[1] An application that can support him/ autism children choosing visuals that deliver sound matching well with what he/ they want(s) to express in details and emotions --> So that he/ they will be not only communicate with his mother but also others >>>[2] An application that offer simple sentence formats --> So that he/ they can be trained to communicate shortly, repeatedly with support then with less support | in addition, he/ they and their families can build up their own favorite dictionary everyday >>>[3] Develop an application especially focus on favorite food & drink | ride bicycle of Phuong then extend further for more autism children >>>[4] For future aiming at 2 ways communication, a function that can help him/ them understanding his mother's voice via phone or mp3 sound tracks besides PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) >>>[5] An application in Vietnamese >>>[6] An application using Android by Java language