Erica S. Kane

Nick Sipes

Sarah Pickford
PROJECT: Air Tube Routing for Active Living

oxygen : tubing : canula : hose :

About the project:
Devices to make living with tubing easier whiile maximizing mobility. Please see "Files" for build directions, including links to CAD files and video.

The Problem:
Moving around while attached to oxygen tubes can be challenging, due to hose pulling, getting stuck, etc.

The Solution:
We have several easy to make items that are generally useful for improving safety and mobility for anyone using a oxygen tube system. 1. Quick release - if a tube gets snagged or pulled very hard, allow for a graceful, automatic disconnect rather than have the user yanked around. This is a simple magnetic disconnect that was inspired by Apple power cords. 2. Tension management - A system of clips and rubber bands that allows the tubing to automatically lengthen and shorten without having unsafe slack left hanging. 3. Face tubing eyeglass clip - Keep the nasal inserts in place without pressuring ears or using tape with this eyeglass clip system. 4. Face tubing hair clip - A simple barette manipulation (no tools needed!) that keeps the nasal inserts in place without pressuring ears or using tape.


Erica S. Kane wrote on July 25, 2016, 05:05 :

Please see the "Files" section for full build instructions -- which also contain links to CAD files and assembly video.