Tony Lopez
PROJECT: PortaReach

prosthetic : limb : attachment : extension : holding :

About the project:
Semi-flexible arm cuffs with an arm that various tools can be attached to. One has a telscoping arm, and another has a short fixed arm.

The Problem:
(See file for formatted description.) A child without a left lower-arm is unable to remove paper towel from bathroom dispenser. Desires a very portable device to put on and remove quickly to complete task. Specific issues: - wet hand makes paper towel fall apart - unable to grip towel strongly enough to pull down - some public restroom paper towel dispensers can be very resistant to pulling out Specific Device Requests: - it can be put on and taken off quickly; she will only wear it for the a quick specific purpose and then put it away again - it should be portable; the more it can fit in a pocket the better

The Solution:
(See file for formatted description.) Two working prototypes were made. In both: - two types of arm cuffs: long arm: a fabric arm cuff that can be folded with a flat-ish, and an attahed telescoping arm short arm: a semi-flexible fabric arm cuff with strong supports - arm attached to the cuff so that it can be rotated at different angles like a lower arm - the attached arm ends in a screw coupler that various tools can be attached to - the screw end has some rotational freedom - a clip tool on the end of the attached arm; the clip can be worked by the existing hand - other attachments for holding cards, a scratcher, an easy-stick carryong surface, an easy-hold workbelt surface All tools attach to both cuffs.