Mana Momen

Tony Lopez
PROJECT: Modular Prosthetic Arm

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About the project:
A telescopic arm with elbow, and interchangeable attachment ends

The Problem:
For Jordan, a 10 year old girl whose left arm ends just above the elbow, needed a tool to help her pull paper towels from those pesky two handed dispensers.

The Solution:
We were able to solve the problem but wanted to give her more than that. We made the prosthetic modular so that she can have different attachments on the end to allow her to perform various tasks such as hold her cell phone, scratch her right arm, or even play cards. The arm itself is interchangeable and can screw in and out of the elbow. The elbow is made from a go-pro mount made to be used on an arm, leg or hand. The telescopic arm is made from a 5 dollar selfie stick. The neoprene sleeve attaches to the inside of the go-pro elbow with velcro and is detachable. Therefore there are three parts of this arm that are modular, the attachment ends, the arm itself, and the sleeve. Because the modular arm is not small enough to fit in a pocket, we made her another smaller tool out of a lanyard that can fold up to be pocketable for pulling paper towels.


Mana Momen wrote on March 16, 2017, 03:00 :

A locking elbow would be more helpful to support heavier items like the phone which may be a more valued use case.

Mana Momen 21.03.2017 22:32
Some more updates: Apparently Jordan has not tried the smaller paper towel puller yet! I think we sent her too many things in the box and she was not sure what it was for. Her mom said she will try it out soon and am looking forward to the feedback.