Yair Herbst
PROJECT: Sensory Feedback - Raptor Reloaded

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About the project:
A 3D printed prosthetic based on off the shelf parts which enables users to "feel", thus making the device a part of their limb rather than a tool.

The Problem:
The raptor reloaded is a basic hand prosthesis designed mainly for children with a congenital amputation below the wrist. The mechanism converts wrist movement into flexion and extension of the fingers. The design is offered for free and manufacturing of the hand is very cheap (~$40). This makes the Raptor hand a great solution for many and especially for children who are constantly growing out of their prosthesis. one drawback of the Raptor Reloaded and prosthesis in general is the lack of sensation e.g. textures, temperature etc.

The Solution:
In order to add the missing sensory component, while minimizing the effects on the current benefits of the design, we offer a solution comprised of four components: 1. Sensing- pressure, location and temperature sensors which are all based on variable resistance response. 2. Logging and analyzing- Arduino Nano interface based on ATmega328 chip. 3. An electronic, multi-sensory feedback system- comprised of two servo motors, a vibration motor and an RGB led. 4. A mechanical feedback system- consists of 4 rods and provides texture sensing. An emulator was also developed in order to check the design in various stages. In addition, a number of modifications were done to the current mechanical design in order to improve it, including a new thumb design and a themo-forming brace for a personalized hand. A link to all the files: A link to a video showing the features of the device: A link to the Thingiverse page of the design: