Chris Kotelmach

Michal Dattner
PROJECT: Raising Chair

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About the project:
Hillary is living with Rett Syndrome with no verbal communication capacity and limited fine+gross motor skill. A modified furniture/device/process is required such that she can join her family in regular meals and interactions

The Problem:
She has outgrown the chair, which is now very old, and has to be lifted in and out. The current chair has a broken foot rest, and certain parts of it stick out and damage the walls. A chair re-design is needed.

The Solution:
We are going to design a chair that is easier to get in/out that lifts up to the table with ease. It will be comfortable, portable, and be easy to operate for any caregiver. We will design the chair with appropriate dimensions, and include a raising and lowering function that will not require much force, and hopefully operates without electricity. We hope to achieve this with tension from a spring or pneumatic cylinders.