Lauren Jatana
PROJECT: Rose's Cane: Extra set of hands

cane : parkinson's : balance : grabber : reacher : grip : tom:calgary :

About the project:
A cane that also incorporates an arm that can pick up dropped objects to ensure the user doesn't have to bend down, and potentially loose balance.

The Problem:
Our need knower, Rose, has parkinson's disease. She often looses her balance, but especially when she bends down to reach for something. She has another grabber - but it doesn't pick up flat pieces of paper, or little objects like pills and sometimes she drops the grabber itself.

The Solution:
Our design has a grabber incorporated into the cane. It allows for simultaneous use of the cane's supporting function - and a grabber function. The user positions the cane near the dropped object and aims the cane using a laser light. The arm then extends downward and grabs the object with a robotic clenching hand. The arm then retracts and the user can grasp the dropped object.