Roberto Martinez

Jacob George

Riley Booth

Calvenn Tsuu

adan acosta
PROJECT: Project Zhao

Rehabilitation : stroke : electromechanical : system : electrical : mechanical :

About the project:
First rehabilitation step for stroke victim's physical impediment relief (patient's arms) .

The Problem:
Zhao Chang Yie suffered a stroke approximately 2 years ago in China. Within that time period, he has not received adequate physiotherapy and, as a result, both his arms and hands have ended up in a contracted position in front of his chest. Zhao uses the assistance of a nanny for all his daily activities.

The Solution:
The purpose of a rehabilitation process can vary significantly. In our project, the purpose is to facilitate the first stage of intervention that can provide Zhao with some relief from his physical barrier or challenge, opening the doors to a more comprehensive rehabilitation program in the near future. As a solution, we propose the use of a design involving an electromechanical system attached to a wheelchair or any structure resembling a chair with an arm rest. This system assists in extending and bending a patient's arm to a degree and speed that can be computer-controlled and tolerated by the patient.