Colin France

Brian Cechmanek
PROJECT: Squirrel Team Six

Reach : squirrel : reaching : wheelchair : distance : counter : print :

About the project:
Leanna faced difficulty interacting with objects on the countertop from her wheelchair, and utilized a wooden version of this squirrel to assist her in using the tap, oven, and other appliances and actions.

The Problem:
The wooden squirrel that Leanna uses regularly requires knowledge and use of tools to be able to recreate. The wooden squirrel can possibly splinter off in the users hand, can become difficult to clean with repeated use, and takes time to create from a wooden blank.

The Solution:
We created an accurate replica of the model Leanna is fond of using to be produced by a 3D printer, but included a cavity filled with a stylus pen on the squirrel's "nose." As the ergonomics of the squirrel were good for Leanna, the improvements made in this were strictly the simple issues we could determine. As it is now made of ABS, the squirrel is dishwasher safe and more sanitary, and the inclusion of the stylus makes it more useful for the standard touch-screen devices we all now interact with everyday. While the original was made to be printed as a single item, we created separate models each comprising one-half of the squirrel to accommodate small 3D printers