urine : container : pee : spinal : muscular : atrophy : type : 2 : contenedor : orina : atrofia : muscular : espinal : tipo :

About the project:
Urine container designed to be used by people whilst sitting on a wheelchair, eliminating the need to transfer to a toilet seat to pee.

The Problem:
Valentino, an 11 year-old from Buenos Aires, Argentina, wanted to pee without any help. He has spinal muscular atrophy type 2, which means he has reduced movility. He is able to use his hands and arms, but with reduced strength, and can barely move his legs and feet. A corset keeps him attached to his wheelchair, since otherwise he would fall forward (he cannot keep balance properly). Because of the reasons mentioned, he cannot transfer from his wheelchair to a toilet, and until now had to pee inside a cointainer that a helper had to hold him in position.

The Solution:
A helper has to put the device on the user, who is not going to need any more help from then on. A silicone tube covered in cloth and partially hidden by the user's clothing transfers the urine to a container that can be attached his or her wheelchair. The user can carry out his daily activities (such as going to school) without any further help. He can pee inside the cointainer on his own. Designed in TOM Buenos Aires, Argentina - September 2016.