Patricio Herran
PROJECT: Orthesis

3Dprinting : arms : prothesis : corset : polimicrogiria : rubber : bands : muscle : orthesis : exoesqueleton :

About the project:
Helps the user to move his arms with more independence, and helps her gaining strength.

The Problem:
The challenge is to give the user better mobility of her arms so that she can gain independence in every day activities, and also in gradual rythm to be able to excersice her muscles, so that she can gain strength.

The Solution:
TOM Buenos Aires solution: The product has two parts, the first being a corset, and the second being the two exoesqueleton of the arms. Both exoesqueleton are attached to the back of the corset, wich has two straps (like the straps of a security vest). The exosqueleton is powered by a rubber band mechanism, depending on the amount and thickness of the bands we´ll get different resistance. The final idea of the project, is for the user to generate enough strength, so she gets to be fully independent.