Aaron Lim

Laptop : Power : Switch : Wireless : Control : Button :

About the project:
A relocatable wireless switch to operate a laptop power button.

The Problem:
Gemma is a specialist Occupational Therapist & Assistive Technology Consultant and has a challenge for her clients who find it difficult to turn on a computer or laptop as they cannot use their arms at all. The power button is either too small or out of reach. They can, however, operate a computer using a head controller or mouth controlled mouse. Her challenge is to create a technology device to help them turn a computer on.

The Solution:
The Switched On device provides an alternate way for people with limited hand function or reach to press a laptop power button using a single wireless switch. The device consists of an adjustable bar with a movable servo motor that can easily be mounted to most laptops, and the electronics component which consists of an Arduino microcontroller and a wireless receiver. When fitted, the device can be driven wirelessly to enable a button pressing motion by the servo. Developed by: Gemma McDonald, Michael O’Connell, Anh Nguyen, Aaron Lim, Christopher Ly, James Dean, Ranka Margaretic, Ariella Naumburger, Helin Huang