Michael Niemann
PROJECT: accessible interface for an internet browser

text-to-speech : joystick : browser : visually : impaired : accessible : accessibility : cerebral : palsy : :

About the project:
To provide a user interface with a joystick and 2 buttons for a web browser with text-to-speech feedback

The Problem:
The need-knower has verbal palsy and is visually impaired. He wants to access the latest sporting news online but can't use a keyboard or mouse or read webpages. He has limited physical movement in both his hands and is used to using a joystick to control his wheelchair.

The Solution:
This design includes a user interface that can be placed on his wheelchair-mounted tray and a tablet computer that can be attached to the interface surface. The tablet is set up to read any bodies of text encountered by the cursor, using a simulated human voice. The interface has a joystick that allows the cursor to move slowly across the tablet screen. One interface button acts as the enter or select button. The other button is for moving back to the previous webpage or moving to the homepage. A homepage is easily designed, containing large icons that link to requested sports news and video pages.