Anthony Canepa
PROJECT: Techneck

Robotic : Wheelchair : Head : Rest :

About the project:
A robotic head rest that will follow the user’s head to provide the head with continuous support

The Problem:
Current wheelchair head rests have rigid mounting systems which limits its ability to provide the support to the user’s head when he or she wants to change posture. This can cause the user pain and discomfort when the user wants to bend forward but doesn’t have the muscular strength to control their head’s position.

The Solution:
A robotic head rest system is designed to provide the lateral support to the head as the user bend’s forward and back in their wheelchair. This can reduce pain and discomfort for the user and also increase their ability to move their head into the position they want. The system uses an IR proximity sensor embedded in a 3D printed head rest which pivots near the shoulder of the user. The proximity sensor sends the distance between the head and the back of the head rest to an Arduino which processes the information and controls a motor to move the head rest according to the head's position.