Roee Lahav
PROJECT: StandAlone

StandAlone : (Tandem : bicycles) :

About the project:
Stable and safe solution without compromising riding experience

The Problem:
The Challenge :) Balancing Tandem bicycles. People with disabilities have the tendency to lose balance and fall while ridding tandem bicycles. People with disabilities have challenges to balance and synchronize movements especially while starting and stopping. The captain's responsibility is to ensure balance for both riders. Imbalance can lead into a serious injuries. A 3rd person is needed to assist stepping on and off the bicycles.

The Solution:
we invented 2 simple assistance wheels that folds (when accelerating) and unfolds (when decelerating untill stop). These "magical wheels" will assist the 'Captain' to stop the bicycles safely without any 'super-hero' powers. Now a 3rd person is not needed.