Robert Schuh
PROJECT: Finger Channel Surfer

tv : remote : hand : bed :

About the project:
TV Remote for Individual with Limited Hand/Arm Mobility

The Problem:
A Need-Knower with limited hand and arm mobility have difficulty with operating a common TV remote as the buttons were too small and too stiff for him to press. He watch TV from his bed so the remote need to be close to him and secure enough on the bed for him to use. Since he normally channel surf to find a program he like to watch or search for another program when he is done watching the current program, so the remote need to be simple enough for him to use without all the complications.

The Solution:
We propose a simple TV remote made from scratch with universal remote compatibility so it can interface with a wide array of TVs. The remote have at least three soft raised buttons (Power and Channels) that are 1 inch in diameter designed to be pressed easily from various angles. It will have either a “beanie bag” as its base to permit Need Knower to hold the remote while watching TV on his bed or a soft body with a stable kick back so it can sit on his bed at various angles.