Ariel Appel
PROJECT: Connected Crutches

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About the project:
Innovating crutches with cellphone functionality and more.

The Problem:
People who use crutches have difficulties with simple tasks such as answering the phone and opening car doors.

The Solution:
This project is design to help users in two ways: (a) a solution for cell phone operation while using crutches (b) relieve pressure in the shoulders while using crutches. This project takes the crutches to the 21st century. The old crutches are not compatible, not ergonomic enough and haven’t changed for a century. These new crutches are connected to a computer and send data about the user to the physician such as heart rate, pressure point and effort in hands, level of stability etc. - all through their smart-phone. Now users can answer their calls without any effort and open their car door. This project is the winner of the TOM:TLV Prize for Innovation.


Chooi Hoong Foong wrote on May 16, 2016, 06:49 :


I am interested in this product as I am a crutches user.

Is this item in production?

What is cost?

Where can be purchased?

I am interested in marketing it locally in my hometown of Kuala Lumpur, W.Malaysia.

Best Regards

Chooi Hoong

Rebecca Fuhrman 19.06.2016 10:02
Hi Chooi Hoong, Send us your email - would be happy to connect you with the Dev Group!