Paul Parkin

Ahmed Al-Mahdi
PROJECT: Automated superpole

TOM : Calgary :

About the project:
helping a person with Parkinson disease

The Problem:
Rose has Parkinson disease and she can not get out of her bed without assistance. The current system that helps Rose get out of bed comprises of a pole with a half cross bar that extends from the pole beside the bed to the spot on the bed where Rose lies down. The pole swivels so Rose can move the cross bar closer to the bed edge to support her out of bed. Rose started to become unable to move the bar independently.

The Solution:
Automated system that has a automatically moving cross bar. The cross bar will be capable of moving in two directions. It will move up and down to help pull Rose up to a sitting position. And it will also rotate around the pole axis to a position closer to the bed edge to support Rose out of the bed.