Colin France

Michael Poscente

Brian Cechmanek

Nabeela Nathoo
PROJECT: Winter Wheelchair

Wheelchair : winter : snow : Rett : TOM:Calgary :

About the project:
We are to design an accessory for a wheelchair to be able to traverse snow.

The Problem:
Dana, a 3 year-old girl with Rett Syndrome, loves being outside, and especially during winter. This is difficult for her family, as Calgary will get heavy, deep snowfalls overnight or within a few hours.

The Solution:
We will be designing a means to fasten Dana's wheelchair to a ski or toboggan apparatus to allow whomever is pushing Dana to take her all over the freshly laid snow. This idea is to create a toboggan or ski'd platform that fastens directly to her wheelchair, so as to not encumber whomever is pushing her to relocate her, and allow the team to head out into the snow together. UPDATE: We designed and made a frame to fit with Dana's current wheelchair. This frame has very wide snowboard ends underneath each of the front wheels of the wheelchair to compress and glide over snow, and two wide-treaded bicycle tires per side of her wheelchair, allowing more surface area for contact and traction.The idea is that whomever is with Dana will be able to easily roll the wheelchair into this frame, and be able to navigate some snowy terrain with minimal issues.