Kicker Helper
PROJECT: Kicker Helper


About the project:

The Problem:
One of the many life experiences missing to children growing up with disabilities is the ability to play playground games with their able-bodied peers. While there are various sports that are designed for people with disabilities, the sports options for young children growing up without any disabled classmates are very limited. Kicker-Helper aims to combat this problem by focussing on an important sporting action that has never been available to disabled children: a mechanism to kick a ball.

The Solution:
The kicker-helper is an adjustable lever which attaches to any size of wheelchair. With the push of a button, users can trigger a powerful paddle to perform a kicking motion by the floor to the side of their wheelchair. Children with disabilities could use this to take part in standard playground games such as kickball or soccer, allowing them to take an active part in the playground and the activities of their class.